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At Matt The Tree Fella’s we believe in a holistic approach to tree care. We believe that the days of removing trees willy nilly are long gone. Our trees are an essential component of everyday life, that offer aesthetic beauty and help to trap pollutants such as carbon monoxide and dust. We offer professional Tree Management Services for commercial and residential properties.

Environmental Practice. 15 years of professional experience, means that Matts Tree Services can aid the development and implementation of considered policies. We can assist and advice the landowner or manager with any tree related task and we have an outstanding record with both public safety and our environmental policies. We have considerable experience in supporting managers of significant sites with high levels of public access, having worked in such places as Sydney Star City CasinoHyde Park Gardens, and many other prestige locations. Matts Tree Services are highly regarded throughout the Arboricultural profession and our expertise is widely recognised by local authorities and councils.

Our Tree Services include:

Tree Removal

We have extensive experience in the removal of dead, diseased and dangerous trees. We are practiced in working in confined terrains, and our experienced tree climbers take the utmost care in branch removal processes, be it in an Inner City Garden or an Open Paddock. We take care to ensure that we remove trees carefully in respect to surrounding buildings, garden furniture and existing shrubs. We will always confer with our Client in regards to difficult access jobs, and we will make sure that both yourselves and your neighbours are happy and satisfied.

Remember OUR GUARANTEE – you only pay when both you and your neighbours are 100% satisfied.

We have the expertise and equipment to perform these often very difficult operations, with efficiency and a minimum of fuss. More Info

Tree Pruning

Our Tree pruning services include crown thinning; branch weight reduction, crown lifting, crown reduction, removal of deadwood, and removal of substandard/ crossing/ weak branches. All pruning that is undertaken by Matt The Tree Fella, complies with Australian Standards 4373 for The Pruning of Amenities Trees, which are practises and procedures designed to minimise the impact pruning has on trees. More Info

Tree Selection, Supply and Planting

Selection and Supply ~ The selection of planting stock is one of the most important decisions to be made when establishing trees. Matt The Tree Fella will choose high quality planting stock appropriate to your tree planting objectives and budget. We can substantially improve growth and survival of your tree crop.

Planting ~ Correct planting techniques can make the difference between any successful tree establishment and failure. Our qualified staff can make sure that your site is prepared (with adequate drainage if necessary) and that positioning of the tree is optimal before the final planting takes place.

Policy Formulation

Matt The Tree Fella has considerable experience in the formulation of tree management policy for owners of sites with high levels of public access. In order to enable effective management of trees for duty of care, we prioritise and survey arboricultural works to meet budgetary restraints. Matt The Tree Fella has devised a range of specialist systems for evaluating levels of risk across sites.

Tree Surveys and Reports

Our highly experienced and efficient Arborists undertake surveys ranging from detailed individual tree inspections to inventories for larger growth populations. Our reports will provide the client with a record of all their trees (with photographs if required), the condition of those trees and will detail what, (if any) work is required. Our detailed Tree Reports will also pick up early signs of tree stress, disease and decay and suggest appropriate courses of action. We will also prioritise when the work should be done.

Contract Management

We regularly supervise arboricultural works and have extensive experience in large-scale contract management.


Quality Management of Arboricultural Works

Matts Tree Services are recognised as providers of superior quality arboricultural work. This expertise enables us to monitor and enforce high standards of tree surgery works undertaken on behalf of our clients.

Matt The Tree Fella will also undertake Training in Arboricultural Best Practice, Environmental Evaluations and provide Assistance with the Planning Process. As part of our tree management services, Matt The Tree Fella also provides a range of contract services to corporate and government sectors, such as:

  • Power line clearing, canopy lifting and property clearance.
  • Tree selection and planting programs for Councils.
  • Street tree removal and replacement programs.

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