Mulch & Wood Chip Sales in Sydney

The recycling of waste products collected from our works allows Matt The Tree Fella to sell high quality products such as mulch.

Our 20” Bandit Chipper can make light work of even the biggest trees. We produce quality mulch, and this is available for sale which we deliver in 15 cubic metre loads.

Our High Quality Mulch can be used for various purposes – here are a few of the best reasons to consider using Mulch on your Garden:

chipperMulch can adjust soil temperature by helping soil retain more heat in spring and fall, and by keeping soil cool. It caneven out temperature swings during hot and variable summer conditions and help control weeds by blocking the sunlight necessary for germination.
Mulch can retain water in your garden or paddock by slowing evaporation and adding organic matter and nutrients to the soil through the gradual breakdown of the mulch material.
Mulch will repel insects and incrementally improve growing conditions
by reflecting sunlight upwards to the plants, and by providing a clean, dry surface, will favour low ground-lying fruit such as squash and melons.
Mulch is also useful for erosion control – as it protects soil from rain and preserves moisture and for sediment control – as it slows runoff velocity.
Mulching is an important part of any no-dig gardening regime, such as practiced within permaculture systems.

Sydney Mulch Delivery to your Door

please call our office on 9653 2890 to arrange a delivery of mulch – minimum 15 cubic metres.