Hazard Tree Identification

 Matt The Tree Fella can help you with important future buying decisions!

If you are considering purchasing a Bush block or perhaps a property with established gardens & mature trees – you will need to consider the cost and/or planning implications that trees may have for your future plans.

Our Hazard Services

house-damageMatt the Tree Fella  can help you assess any potential hazard that mature trees may present. We will assess the state of the tree in relation to health and also look closely at future growth issues – such as with underground pipes or overhead power lines.

Trees add to our enjoyment of the outdoors. They contribute to the value of our properties and help us recover from our illnesses. Trees also have liabilities associated with them as they can cause injury to property and individuals. The key to reducing the liabilities is to recognize when a tree becomes hazardous and take actions to correct these hazards.

A “Hazard Tree” is a tree that has a structural defect that is likely to fail in whole or in part. This “Hazard Tree” also must be within a location where it can hit a target. This target could be a structure or person.

Why Tree Hazard Inspections are Needed

Reduce Tree Liabilities:

The inspection and assessment of trees forces the tree owner to evaluate the amount of liability that they are willing to assume. All trees have some liability associated with them. This liability can be as low as a vehicle or person running into the tree or could be as high as a limb or the whole tree falling and damaging a structure or injuring a person.  Routine inspections and hazard assessments forces the tree owner to determine if the tree is structurally sound and the likelihood of a failure of a part of the tree.  These inspections also exhibits that the tree owner is actively managing their trees and thereby reduces their liability if a failure does occur.

tree-hazardWe can offer advice on your local planning regulations and how they relate to trees. Can trees be removed or not? Matts Tree Services are committed to helping you as a prospective homebuyer or developer manage your tree population astutley and to not be a burden on your future budget.

Our Hazard Tree programs will include three steps: identification, documentation, and corrective action. Our  service will identify tree species, any potential targets, and outline defects present to identify and document hazard trees.
Our identification and surveying services include:

* Hazard Tree identifications on your property
* Identification of Termite, Pests and diseases present in trees
* Identification of Native trees, weeds and exotic species
* Budgeting Costs on removal and treatment of hazardous trees.

Prior to a major Home Buying decision or any major work, we are able to complete a Tree Survey Report.

Tree Survey Report

We can carry out an investigation of the trees on your property and provide you with a comprehensive report:

* which of the trees on the property may be hazardous and/or require work or removal
* which of these trees may require removal
* which of the trees urgently require work
* identification of any pest/diseases present and recommendations for their control where appropriate.