Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Removals

Do you give free tree removal quotes ?
Yes absolutely ~ all of our tree quotes are free of charge and are done with a smile

tree-lopperHow much of a tree can I prune without councils’ consent ?
Most councils will allow you to remove 10% of the live canopy without a permit. Although not always popular, it is a very sensible policy to protect the tree (and tree owner) from early degeneration of the specimen through infection and disease. Every cut carries the potential for infection, much like it does for people….

Which trees can I cut without a permit ?
Almost all councils will let you cut dead trees without consent. However some councils require a permit even for dead trees. This is to protect the wildlife which inhabit trees (a huge percentage of Australian native animals live in our trees).
Please check your Tree Preservation Order for further details.

Other trees will be exempt because they are considered weeds. Please go to our Commonly Exempt Trees section of the website. You will find photos of specimens and identifying features. REMEMBER: the trees we have listed are from the Sydney area. Please check with your local Council.

How do I get a permit ?


Ring your council and ask for their Tree Preservation Order, fill it in and send it back with the required fee – this could be anything from $40 – $100. Alternatively, you can download the Tree Preservation Order from your Councils website. For a listing of councils in the areas that we operate in please go to: Councils Tree Preservation Orders

I am concerned about our safety since we have a rather large tree/trees on our property. Can you make it safe ?
The bad new is, only a chipped tree is a safe tree! Every tree has the potential to fail unpredictably and cause damage, injury or death. Nobody can make a tree safe, we can only make it safer!
The good news is that your chances of getting injured or killed by a tree virtually zero. Less than a handful of the general Australian public die of tree related incidents a year. This is 5 in 20,000,000. Your chances of hitting the jackpot at Lotto are far greater !!!
It is more common though, that trees do considerable damage to property during storms. See: storm damage
We offer you a free inspection of your trees and will recommend pruning solutions to make your trees more able to cope with storms. Please go to Preventative pruning for more information.

My tree has been looking sick for a while, what should I do ?
Matt or another Arborist will come and inspect your tree, free of charge and give you suggestions to assist the specimen or advise if removal is to be considered. Also please go to Matts Tips for Tree Care for some self diagnosis and self remedies.
If you need a written tree report done by one of our qualified arborists, please go to: Arborist Reports. These are legal documents and come with photos as well as all the necessary information on your trees. A fee applies to Arborist Reports.

My sewer pipes are blocked by tree roots, what do I do ?
1. Make sure you are friendly with your neighbours for that possible inconvenient emergency
2. Your plumber will be able to clear the pipes with an electric eel or a water jet
3. If the problem persists, talk to Matt the Tree Fella. Not always do you have to remove a tree to solve the problem. We will come on site and advise you of your various options.

Do I need to be on site for you to quote ?
It certainly makes it easier. Also all of our staff and even the boss are really nice to deal with. However, if you live out of town or are very busy there are two options for you:
1. Leave exact details of what to quote for with Angela in the office and we will proceed from there.
2. Arrange with Angela to be available on the phone when Matt or Glen are on your property. We will ring you and you can talk us through the quote.

Can I get a quote over the phone ?
This is possible only for some stump grinding work. However, you can take photos of the tree(s) and email them to us. If possible, we would be delighted to give you a quote in this manner. Many jobs are too complex for this procedure but please go to Quote over the internet to find out if yours is the right one.

What can I do to protect and assist my trees ?
Lots !  Please call Angela to arrange a appointment with Matt. Also go to Tree Inspections and/or go to Matts Tips for Tree Care