Environmental Policies


Being an industry that removes trees from our environment,

we are particularly sensitive to the need to be environmentally aware and support nature. We therefore take great care in our operations to avoid doing more damage than absolutely necessary.

The following points are observed as best as possible:
* We recycle everything recyclable (including oil)

* We use energy efficient light bulbs throughout the business

* We take great care not to pollute the waterways by properly removing all tree waste products from storm water inlets

* We take extra care during the refuelling of our saws not to spill anything and never to refuel on the road as to protect the waterways
* We try to drive as energy efficient as possible

*All our vehicles are regularly tuned as to run most efficiently
* The staff only wash one a week to save water (only joking)

Green Energy

We use 100% renewable energy in our business by being signed up with our energy provider on their renewable energy program. If you want to do it too, it only costs $400 per year for them to commit to buying the amount of energy you use from renewable sources e.g. solar, hydro or wind energy.